Jordan in august 1979
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41.jpg Petra
Ancient Nabatean capital. Became Roman in 106 with all of Nabatea (Trajan)
(30 photos by Mario Biondi)
11.jpg Jerash
Founded by Alexander or his general Perdikkas (IV century b. C.) as Antyochias on the Chrysoroas. Became Nabatean in the I century a. D. and Roman in 106 a. D. (Trajan)
(19 photos by Mario Biondi)
68.jpg Wadi Ram
A valley from Saudi Arabia to Jordan (or viceversa). Crowded with (true?) memories of Lawrence
(39 photos by Mario Biondi)
99.jpg Dead Sea and Castle of Kerak
Death and Desert...
(14 photos by Mario Biondi)
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